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Fish Ponds Builder

in Clarksville, TN

Ever Thought about having your own fish ponds?

fish ponds are a great place to relax after a long day at the office, entertaining family and friends, or a place to get back to nature, a hobby pond is just what you need!

A properly designed and installed hobby pond by Lawns Etc can give you an all-natural, low maintenance piece of paradise, as well as, provide food, shelter, and safety to the Tennessee wildlife around it. The key to a beautiful pond comes in the proper inclusion and placement of each piece of the ecosystem puzzle; Circulation, Fish, Aquatic Plants, Rocks/Gravel .The Circulation System is really just a fancy way of saying “pumps and plumbing.” The proper size pump and pipe diameter are extremely important for the aesthetics of a water feature. More importantly, an efficient circulation system keeps the water moving and provides the necessary oxygen levels for healthy fish and plants. Look no further we at Lawns Etc would be excited to be part of your project.

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