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Bush Hog Services

in Clarksville, TN

We offer bush hog services in Clarksville, TN. Property owners throughout Clarksville and surrounding areas may have an unsightly area on a portion of their lot which is not being used because of overgrown brush and natural debris. Lawns Etc can turn areas such as these into a usable, functional space by clearing it out using a process known as bush hogging.

  • What is Bush Hog Services in Clarksville TN

    Bush hogging is the process of using a rotary cutter to clear areas of land that have been overgrown with tall grass, brush, vegetation and plant material. Typically the rotary cutter is pulled behind a tractor, ours is on a skid loader which gives us an advantage with more maneuverability. The term Bush Hogging has come to describe this process since Bush Hog is a well known manufacturer of rotary cutters.
  • Why might I need Bush Hogging?

    The process of bush hogging allows for larger areas of land to be maintained then with a conventional riding mower. Bush hogging is particularly effective for areas that have been overgrown to the point that a traditional mower would not work, and hand clearing would not be an effective solution. Basically, you can think of bush hogging as the application you would use for your most large, hard to maintain areas.
  • Bush Hogging Sounds Expensive. How Much It Will Be?

    Bush hogging is not necessarily expensive if you think of it in terms of cost effectiveness. Quoting a price for your lot can be done by visiting the property and in some cases over the phone using a good description of the property to be bush hogged. Location, size, current condition of property, length of time since last bush hogged), and topography of the land are all factors that must be considered when quoting a price for your job.

Lawns Etc has experience bush hogging all types of residential and commercial properties in Clarksville and surrounding areas.

We use a Kubota skid loader with a 5ft bush hog attachment, which allows us to tackle even the most difficult terrain.

We’re a licensed and insured company that routinely bush hog retention pond areas, acreage, and undeveloped land.

Difficult job? Not a problem! For lots that have not been maintained for extender periods, we can cut up to 3 inch diameter vegetation.

Start Reclaiming Overgrown Areas Today with Bush Hogging!

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